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Number 9…number 9…number 9.  If Vikki G looked annoyed or pissed last week, she’s positively livid this week.  I love what Nic did with the practice space.  Again, it’s the little details, like the lipstick stain on the glass.  And the ashtrays.

Someone asked me if the MARSnet material was directly connected to the main story.  It is, but it may take some time before the full extent of that connection is revealed.  I think that this format (webcomic) allows for these Verhoeven-esque vignettes.  You can drop them and establish an atmosphere or further the narrative without taking up a weekly update, interrupting the story.  I love this week’s.  The anchor came out great and we snuck in some nice foreshadowing.

Finally, tonight we have a special music pairing request all the way from Argentina.  Nic was telling me that while he was working on this particular page (no pun intended) he was listening to the Led Zeppelin classic, ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You.’  I think it goes well with the lounging girls in panel one.