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Welcome to the first page of Track 3 of ‘Free Mars.’  This week is a little surreal for a few reasons.  First, the page itself is kinda trippy.  I think you’ll agree.  Nic has done some amazing stylized versions of our girls; they almost look like children’s book versions of Vikki, Taryn, and Sam.

Second, I just realized that we’ve hit 30 pages and over 230,000 hits on the website.  Pretty big milestones for a humble webcomic.  I know I say this a lot, but I don’t think we’d have gotten this far without you ladies and gentlemen.

Lastly, C2E2 is just over the horizon and that means our print edition will arrive in a few weeks.  I still don’t know how we managed a Dan Abnett foreword.

There is a musical pairing this week, but we’ve hid it within the page itself.  It might be a little esoteric, but this scene should seem familiar to at least some of you.  Let’s do this, the first person that gives me the correct song, based on this week’s page, gets a free set of mini-prints sent to them.  You can post your guess here or email us .  I’ll check the time-stamps if there’s multiple correct answers.  Good luck,