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PAGE EIGHTEEN.  Interior commercial freightlifter TK-421.  First, since it’s still technically Thursday in parts of the U.S., Happy Thanksgiving!  When the first colonists settled Mars in 2128, they celebrated their first year’s algae harvest with a feast. And though their hab unit violently depressurized later that evening, most Martians continue to honor their ill-fated celebration to this day….

I know I say this every week, but I absolutely love this page.  First, and this is admittedly my fault as the writer, we’ve seen quite a bit of brooding and anger from the girls.  This week, however, Nic gets to show our heroines having some fun; relaxing.  I think the panel with Sam laughing is great.  Second, Vexx’s vibro-blade came out perfectly.  It is the right amount of baroque combined with the right amount of techno.

This week’s music pairing comes from Nic:

“Jardin de Cecile from ‘Juno Reactor’. It’s got a very nice electronic-alien vibe, and I actually inked and coloured this listening to it.”

Finally, I said last week I would list a few of the webcomics I’ve been reading regularly.  I’m probably like many of you and I tend to go back and read online comics once a month, but these comics have definitely kept me coming back.  In no particular order:

Spy 6 Teen

If you liked Buffy (or any other Joss Whedon show for that matter), you’ll dig this comic.  Tim Simmons does a great job keeping this genre fresh.  This is a great example of art and story working together.

Girls in Space

It is hard to describe James Spence’s sci-fi comedy.  I like to think that Samantha from SG would read this comic and love it.

The Horror of Colony 6

The guys at Webcomic Factory do some great work.  They are naffing prolific as well.  And while I read most of the site’s offerings, I am a total sucker for sci-fi horror.  It has some great atmosphere and B movie quality to it.  Is that Vincent Price?