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PAGE FOURTEEN.  And, fade to black.  I wanted to say “star wipe”, but I think “fade to black” works better here.  In any case, that’s the end of Track 1.

I think, looking back through these 14 pages, I’m pretty happy with the pacing.  It’s tough to do all this set-up and character introduction and still keep the plot moving.  I think the real trick is having Nic’s art tell part of the story; every page has something interesting going on and he refuses to waste any space.  I feel like, even after just 14 pages, Mars has a definite look and its denizens have a certain style.

So what’s next?  Track 2 ‘Band on the Run’ starts in two weeks.  We’re taking an extra week so I can do one more script edit and Nic can catch up on some of his non-Sisters Grimm work (he does manage to find time for other projects).  But we do have a nice “Intermission” piece already done, so expect a Friday update next week as usual.

We’re also working on a limited edition print, a cinematic-style poster.  It’s coming along nicely and I’m sure our Twitter followers will get a preview soon.

Finally, we’re also working on a little spin-off comic for our good friends at the Adepticon game convention (  We’ll have more news as things develop.

So thanks to everyone who’s been checking out the comic.  It’s sort of a relief to finish the first chapter.  Someone told me that a webcomic doesn’t get taken seriously until after a couple years of regular updates.  I hope that’s not true for us.  I hope we never get taken seriously.