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CINEMATIC POSTER.  One more week until ‘Track 2′, but we’re not leaving you without your weekly Grimmtainment.  What can I say about Nic’s latest offering?  The goal was to do a “cinematic poster” for the comic, mainly because we thought it would be cool, but we also wanted to offer our loyal readers a limited edition print.  This would give you guys a piece of cool art and potentially help us keep the comic going and, theoretically, help pay for a printed version of Sisters Grimm.  And t-shirts.

So stay tuned for details about getting one of these for your self.  Next month for sure.

So, happy Halloween, gremmies.  I know it’s probably a little premature this year, with only a few months of comics, but I expect to see some Sisters Grimm costume pics next year.  I’m already working on my Kessler overalls….

Finally, got word today via Perez Hilton (via Jessica) that Shirley Manson is working on a new album with the band.  So Garbage returns.  Huzzah!  In honor of this great news, I think this week’s music pairing needs to be ‘Cherry Lips.