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PAGE FIFTEEN.  Track 2 begins with a cool shot of Olympus City’s harbor.  This is really the Red Planet’s hub for travel and commerce.  I think Nic has nailed the bustling chaos of the main spaceport here.  The scale really works, too, with the Martians dwarfed by the various liners and cargo loaders.

Nic was a little worried about his vehicle designs, but I think he was unnecessarily concerned.  They’ve got a cool “boxy” look.  And their engine configurations have a little of the Betty (Alien Resurrection) going on.

I also love the girls’ “stealth” fashion.  This is their idea of keeping a low profile.

Fashion, in general, is a big part of the comic.  Nic and I have talked a lot about what the characters wear and Nic has an almost Euro sensibility.  In fact, I like to think that Luc Besson would dig this comic.  I realize I just sort of referenced Luc Besson twice.

In other webcomic news, Warren Ellis has invited webcomic creators to post a few pages and a synopsis on his Whitechapel Forums.  I’ve looked through a few of the pages and there is some very cool stuff.  If you get a chance,