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PAGE NINETEEN.  Interior com ‘lifter TK-421.  Sam makes a joke while Vexx takes her skills very seriously.  As the writer, I have a very specific relationship in mind between Sam and Vexx.  Sort of like an older/younger sister dynamic; part antagonistic and part genuine friendship.  And while I can get some of that across with dialogue, Nic really makes it come alive through his art.  Sam can keep an expression something akin to amusement while Vexx holds a mind-bogglingly dangerous weapon to her throat.  There’s obviously a trust there.

Panel 3.  First, the color really works here, methinks.  It is a very cool contrast to the ubiquitous red.  And again we see Nic’s obsession with detail.  There’s so much going on here.  To give you an idea of how Nic brings the comic to life, here’s the original script (notice the panel number got edited slightly):

Panel 5.

An ominous panel.  It is a wide shot of the ‘lifter through a binocular view-screen.  The ‘lifter has a target on it and there are all sorts of readings, distances and other numbers.  Very sci-fi.

The music pairing this week in a bit of a SPOILER ALERT.  It is also so obvious when ya think about it, for a couple reasons.  Def Leppard.  Pyromania.  Comin’ Under Fire.

Finally this week, some very cool news.  I figured we should try and attend a convention next year, so I applied to get the Sisters a table at C2E2.  I figured it was a long shot, since their Artist’s Alley is only so big and it is THE comic event of the Midwest.  Plus, it’s not like we’re Axe Cop or Dr. McNinja.  However, I just got the news that we’ve been invited to attend.  This is huge for us and I take it as a sign that we’ve got some real potential here.

However, it does also mean that I need to get working on getting some material printed.  I’m hoping to have a few different prints available and I might even have some original art for sale and display.  Might even have a 28mm model.

The only bad news is that Nic can’t make it this time, so you’re stuck talking to a lowly writer (boring).  But, if all goes according to plan and the gods of Mars continue to favor our endeavor, he’ll come up for 2012.  Just as the Mayans predicted….