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“When Earthers ask why we don’t celebrate Christmas on Mars, I usually tell them it’s because Mars doesn’t have three wise men.  We probably don’t have any saviors and we definitely don’t have any virgins.”  -Vikki Grimm

PAGE TWENTYTWO.  Interior commercial freightlifter.  Things continue to go a little south for the passengers of TK-421, including our heroines.  Trapped between a MLF ambush and a slightly maniacal CSC colonel.  Lynch, a veteran of the Ice Wars, is definitely a total bastard.  Moving troops covertly, under the cover of a civilian transport, seems questionable.  Though I suspect the CSC kleptocracy wouldn’t give a document-dump if this tactic were Wikileaked.

Vexx strikes me as someone who doesn’t like to wait in a queue and would probably send back food in a restaurant.

Nic proposed the red “lighting” effect and I agreed that it was appropriate for this scene.  The script called for “warning/emergency lights”, in the vein of ‘A L I E N S’ or ‘Event Horizon’.  It’s tough to do a strobe effect (every other panel is black?), but the red-wash definitely gets across the change in lighting and reflects a real move to a more ominous atmosphere.

The music pairing this week is the result of a minor coincidence*.  When I got the pencils, I was listening to this particular song and it sort of made sense thematically.  So, at the risk of sounding like a car commercial, I’ve gotta go with Kasabian and ‘L.S.F’.  You’ll find that I tend to return to my Britpop roots every few weeks…