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I like to think of the last few weeks as Nic’s ‘Red Period.’  This lighting effect still blows my mind.  Nic continues to give the scene a tremendous level of detail, even though the color is washed out.  I think this shows just how good Nic is- but I’m also a little biased.

I think we can all agree that Vexx is a serious badass.  The final panel is, in my opinion, the pinnacle of the comic so far.  This panel stands in a stark (and cool) contrast to the splash on PAGE FOUR.

To honor our bladed bass player, I think we should go with No Doubt’s ‘Just A Girl.’  Honestly, it’s also for my sister in the Bay who will think the choice is hella good.

I sort of went on a bit last week, so I’ll cut things short this week.  First, I presented a challenge to name the Combine trooper’s flesh-melting weapon last week.  I think I like Brian’s suggestion, especially the Ares company name.  I’m gonna modify it a little though: the Ares Industries Mark III Pulsed Plasma Rifle.  Or, ready for this, the APP Rifle.  Because when the shite hits the fan, at least there’s an APP for that.  Brian- shoot me your address (no pun intended) and I will mail you out a freshly made print.

Finally, we are proud (and lucky) to have gotten a great review from a fantastic blogger and true sci-fi connoisseur, Total Fan Girl.  I love her blog and I recommend you follow her on FaceBook.  I say this, not because she gave our little comic a nice review, but because she loves the Clone Wars as much as I do.