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PAGE TWENTY FIVE.  Interior commercial freightlifter.  Jovis.  15:37 MST.  Jovis happens to be the fifth day of the Martian week, corresponding with Earth’s Thursday, going with the Darian nomenclature.

We’ve come to the end of Nic’s ‘Red Period.’  I still think this last sequence and its lack of color showed just how detailed Nic’s art really is.

On the writing side, I hope we were successful in demonstrating that there’s more to our girls than might meet the eye….

Music-wise this week, I’m choosing one more “eerie” song to go with the final red page.  Lush, ‘Light From A Dead Star.’  Lush is a band that I almost forgot about, but have been revisiting lately.  I love Meriel Barham’s voice and could almost hear Vexx’s backing vocals sounding similar.

A couple house-keeping notes.  First, we have finally got all the prints together.  We have one larger poster and two smaller mini-prints and one postcard.  I’m compiling all the info and setting up a ‘Volcano City Mercantile’ page this weekend.  So look for it next week.  We’re also doing some website/server maintenance, so if you find us “down” you’ll know why.