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I know the whole “best page yet” mantra is probably getting a little old.  But I think I’m safe in declaring this our best page yet.  To think I was worried that the script for this page tried to pack too much into one week.  In fact, this is why I don’t generally feel that bad that we’re a weekly comic; you definitely get a lot each week.

Vikki Grimm takes the lead here in an attempt to find some cover from the battle that rages around them.  We find that Sam, like Vexx, has an interesting past (or at least she says she does).  Finally, we’re left with a nice cliff-hanger.  The page is so dynamic, almost frenetic, that I think Nic has outdone himself.

The music pairing this week is by a similarly amazing artist.  Rachid Taha is an Algerian singer/DJ whose song ‘Barra Barra’ (Out! Out!) was used in the film Blackhawk Down.  And though I’m copping out a little and choosing that song (it is naffing awesome), I totally recommend checking out more of his stuff, particularly the album Made in Medina. He also does a cool cover of The Clash’s ‘Rock the Casbah’ (used in the Joe Strummer movie).  So fire up the Rhapsody or iTunes and check this guy out if you are currently unfamiliar.  Here’s ‘Barra Barra’:

Housekeeping-wise, I’m doing a links page this week, so look for the ‘Off-World Comms.’  I’m trying to collect links to FM reviews and mentions, but also list some of the other science-fiction webcomics we look at on a regular basis.  As well as some generally cool sci-fi and comic websites (and maybe some miniatures sites for painters/gamers).

The end of Track 2 grows near, which means we’ll be taking the first two chapters and some new bonus material, and putting together a print compilation for C2E2.  We’ve also been thinking about the cover.  We sort of decided we’d like to see our printed comic covers become tributes to some of our favorite album covers.  We think we’ve narrowed down this first cover, but we’re considering future options.  Which leads me to this week’s two-part question for you Earthers:  First, would you be interested in a printed version of the webcomic that included exclusive material?  Second, what iconic album cover would look cool ‘Free Mars’-ified?